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Not in the mood – Die cut sticker


Size: approximately 5,5 x 8,5 cm

SKU: D8021

As we handle the printing of our stickers in-house, there are times when they may not be immediately ready for shipment. Consequently, the preparation for dispatching your order could extend to 1-2 days. Nevertheless, we endeavor to ensure that your order is shipped within 24 hours on weekdays following its placement.


Size: approximately 5,5 x 8,5 cm

A die cut sticker is a large sticker where the sticker is cut completely through the paper. Peel off the backing paper and you are ready to use your large sticker.

Perfect for your computer, journal or something else entirely.

Our die cut stickers are printed on a matt white vinyl with removable adhesive. This means that it is easy to remove the sticker again and clean the surface. Our die cut stickers are not laminated and are therefore not water resistant.

Good advice for installation: Make sure the surface is clean and dry before installation, for longer durability.

More information

The difference between our vinyl types

Transparent Matte Vinyl:

  • Features a clear, matte finish, allowing the background to shine through for a seamless look.
  • Perfect for adding a subtle design to surfaces where the color or pattern of the background should be visible.
  • Ideal when the sticker should not dominate the surface.

White Matte Vinyl:

  • Offers a solid white appearance with a matte surface, ensuring a clean and crisp look without reflection.
  • Highlights the sticker’s design or text against any background color.
  • Best suited for applications where the background should not be visible through the sticker.

Choosing the Right Vinyl:

Transparent matte vinyl is recommended when you want the sticker to blend in with the surface, allowing the background to be seen through the sticker.

White matte vinyl is preferred when the sticker needs to stand out, such as on colorful or patterned surfaces.

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